Dr Shishir Gupta ( MBBS, MD , FDLS )

Dr S.K Gupta (MBBS, MD)

Dr Ruchika Gupta (MBBS, DDVL)


Rupees 500 per consultation i.e per visit . Fees 50 US dollars per consultation

consultation fees can be changed without prior notice


Just to avoid hassle, its always wise to call before visiting (if visiting time varies), we do not give appointment on phone under any circumstances.

doctor’s visiting hours

Dr Shishir Gupta : 12 pm till 6:30 pm , Tuesday off, Sunday : 12 pm till 5 Pm

Dr Ruchika Gupta : 2 pm till 4 pm daily , Tuesday off

Dr S.K Gupta : 12 pm till 5:30 pm, Tuesday off

clinic however opens up at 10:30 am