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Patients suffering from psoriasis should use moisturiser. If you have been diagnosed psoriasis use moisturizers, but do that under supervision of dermatologist, few variants may not respond to it.hair transplant produces real hair, these hair grow and get white with age.....

face lifting is not a major operation, it can be done within minutes using advanced techniques.

If you have been diagnosed having keloidal tendency, avoid getting hurt or scratches, you might end up having a keloid at that spot.

About Us

Dr S.K Gupta clinic was established in year 1982 with the aim of providing best treatment at an affordable rate. Since then we have come a long way, as the medical science progressed we upgraded accordingly, be it cosmetic procedures, core dermatology, trichology (hair related science), lasers. We believe in continuous advancement. We bear a record breaking experience of more than 1 million treated patients in past 30 plus years.

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